Saint Francis of Assisi said, “It’s no use walking anywhere to preach unless your preaching is your walking.”  The legacy of Jesus Christ was the followers He left behind—men and women who would carry on His mission, for His glory. Some would even face death because they were so committed to the cause of Christ.  Think about that—over 2,000 years later, the legacy of Jesus lives on in you and me.  Why?  The answer is pretty simple: the life Jesus lived was true to His calling, and was empowered by the Holy Spirit.  He lived what He preached.

Jesus still reveals the path to Heaven, through the Word of God, and through us.  We can leave an eternal legacy when we influence others to live for Him. It is not my glory, but His glory reflected through me.  It is not my legacy, but His legacy continuing through me. There is no greater legacy than this.

How can I leave such a legacy? By living the same way Christ lived, through His presence in me. What does that look like in our context?  It means, by His grace, becoming humble, loving, giving, persevering, obedient, and faithful believers.  When we dedicate our lives to making the Father known, we will leave a legacy for His glory.

From that perspective, we must endeavor to be our best every day if we desire to leave a legacy of eternal significance.  As we strive for excellence, we inspire excellence in others. We serve as role models for our children, our friends and our co-workers. We can leave a legacy of encouragement. Each day we are faced with the choice of lifting up others or bringing them down.  When people think of us twenty years from now, what do we want them to remember? In what ways have we encouraged others or discouraged them?  I want my life to be spent investing in people, building up rather than tearing down.

The life we lead is the legacy we leave.  What greater legacy could follow us than a life that demonstrates Christ in us and through us, shared with others through the power of the Holy Spirit?  Let us leave a legacy of glory, excellence and encouragement by choosing to reflect Him each day of our lives.

Mel Reddy
Lead Pastor